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  About Perfect Travels
Our Roots :
1.   Reverence: No work is small. We believe that irrespective of the nature of job one should be able to put his/her excellence into it and make the deliverable stand out. Passion for overall distinction is what drives us.
2.   Equality: All humans are created equal and deserve equal opportunity to grow and manifest their potential in the best possible manner. We co-exist and make progress hand-in-hand without letting factors such as race, religion, skin colour or social strata bias us.
3.   Perseverance: We strive always for excellence in service. We are always changing and customizing the travel packages through feedback from clients.
4.   Integrity: Creation of ethical wealth requires that owners of enterprises assume the responsibility of a trustee or custodian of generated wealth, and doesn't let go off any opportunity to utilize this wealth for the larger good.
5.   Gratitude: If any business prospers and keeps prospering continuously then there is always something more to it than mere smart strategies and wise decisions. We know it too well that such progress owe a lot to all the blessings of elders, well wishes of friends, recommendations of patrons and wholesome positive emotional experience that all our clients, vendors, suppliers, associate and employee accumulate in their dealings with us. For our success and acceptance, we owe the world an attitude of gratitude.
About Us :
We are one of the genuine travel agency offering  quality travel solution services to Individuals, families and groups. We actually make your dream come true with our commitment to deliver the best holiday experience exceeding your expectations and at the best rates.
  To be India’s favorite travel brand committed to delight the customer every time.
Mission :
  To build a world-class team armed with knowledge and backed by technology.
  To consistently deliver innovative products & services.
  To care and serve all customers in the same manner that we wish to be served.
Values :
Passion – We are passionate about travel, our brands, and business with our stakeholders.

Integrity – We always act with utmost integrity and respect the values of our people and everyone else.

Excellence – We strive to deliver the best results for our clients in the most cost-effective manner.

Professionalism – We uphold the common code of the company to excel in everything we do, in every possible way.

Corporate governance – We ensure that our Corporate Governance measures meet stakeholder aspirations and societal expectations.
Why Travelers Love Us :
That’s easy. Because we have realized an important insight since our inception: no two travellers are alike. Customizing packages for travellers have kept us in good stead. Along with that, we also offer our customers a wide range of travel options to suit their budgets. Our strong relationship with agents and hotels around the globe has ensured that our customers have a great holiday.
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